Jasper AI Review: Can a Robot Write Better Than You?

Creating content with robust detail for my blog posts is constantly harder for me. I’m always busy writing and publishing content on my blog. I don’t be waiting for weeks to be completed. Even it’s 5,000 words worth of content.

The Internet is changing the way that we do business. Jasper has made a big splash in this industry by providing writers for brands all over the world, but what are they really doing? What does it mean to fire your content writers today and replace them with an AI writing service? The answer may surprise you.

sounds familiar?

Writing blog posts is only half of the battle, too. Doing proofreading, optimizing content for SEO, adding images, building backlinks, outranking competitor’s pages on SERPs each task on an ongoing basis is a real challenge.

Most recently, I started using Jasper to aid the release of our latest website, Surferwp.com and we feel like the latest version of Jasper AI is the best all-around AI copywriting software on the market right now.

So we thought it might be helpful to share our experiences with an in-depth review looking at what makes Jasper.ai such a good AI copywriting software and where we think it could still be improved.

What are we looking at in this Jasper review?

Our main goal for this review is to show you what it is like to use Jasper copywriting software.

So, in the first half of this article, I’m going to explain why we started using Jasper copywriting software and how we found it. I will also talk about what pros and cons we experienced along the way. I will explore the features that are offered by Jasper and different pricing plans so you can see what you are getting for your money.

The second half of this review will be like a case study. It will show you how we have used Conversion.ai’s copywriting software and what problems it has solved for us, as well as where we feel the platform could be improved.

To do this, I’ll run you through the following five tasks:

  • Write blog post intro
  • Generate blog post outline
  • Generate perfect headlines for our website content
  • Cold email newletter for prospecting
  • We will write high-converting ad copies for Google and Facebook ads.
  • We will write 800 words aricle using this software

This will give you working examples of what Jasper can do to help your business. It will also show you if there are any issues that come up when writing content for your website. AI copywriting software is not perfect and this review is going to try to give you a balanced account of our experience with Jasper – only you know which things are deal breakers for your needs.

We will cover everything about this software in detail such as examples of content, how to write content using this tool, what it does, what needs to be improved, and a lot more things to take into account.

Jasper is copywriting tool that uses Artificial Intelligence GT-3 technology to help you to write original content for blog posts, ad copies, product description, social posts, email newsletters, landing page bullets points, and more things.

Does Jasper really help you to write better content faster? in this review, I’ll show you everything about how it works, what content will look like generated by this software, and a tutorial on how you can write better content fast with Jasper AI.

Many people told me it helps you to write 10x faster. Let’s check what will happen.

Jasper AI Pros & Cons

Jasper AI is a great piece of software that offers some fantastic benefits and features but also has its drawbacks as well. We’ve experienced both the positives and negatives that come with using Jasper, so we hope this list will help you determine whether or not it’s worth your time to try out for yourself:

Jasper AI pros:

  • Help you to break through writer’s block problem this enable faster writing process and quicker publishing time.
  • Cut down 50% of your content creation time.
  • Software is very easy to use and navigate easily by even beginners.
  • Access to 50+ short form copywriting templates that help you write content for your blog post intros, Conclusion paragraph, YouTube video descriptins, website healines, and 40+ more things.
  • Supports 25+ different languages including German, Hungaria, English, Spanish, Japanese and more.
  • AI copywriters community access to get help from top experts and your fellow Jasper users.
  • Academy contains video trainings to learn SEO startgies, content strategy, and social media marketing.
  • Boss Mode features make this software powerful AI copywriting than other tools available in the market. Because this features you’ll be able write 2,000 words blog posts in just 30 minutes.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • All plans comes with 5 day free trial. You use it for free during trial period before you made decision to purchase any of their plan.
  • Starter plan costs $29/month for 20,000 word generation per month.
  • They offer 7 days refund policy. This is only reason ecourage me to try this software.

Jasper AI cons:

  • Sometime it’s output content may be irrelevant to you.
  • Human edit is need to make our content perfect.
  • Your little knowledge is required in topic you’ll be going to write about. Because this will help you to do some fact checks to make sure Jasper is going in the right direction.
  • Steep learning curve. If you don’t know how to use this software then you’ll not able to generate quality content. Have a look at Jasper academy.

Overall, it is the best AI copywriting software that helps you save 50% of your content writing work.

If you don’t want to use this software. I recommend using If you’re struggling with writer’s block, it helps you to write anything fast.

What is Jasper AI? and what it does?

What is Jasper AI

Jasper is AI-powered copywriting software it uses GPT-3 technology to help you write faster blog posts, articles, product descriptions, ads copy, social posts, scripts, and stories.

It uses Artificial Intelligence technology similar to those used by some of the big companies HubSpot, Shopify, Hootsuite, and Salesforce.

Little Background About Jasper…

Jasper AI Team

Jasper is a product of parent company UseProof founded by CEO Dave Rognmoser and other team members including Austin Distel, Chris Hull, Amanda Weston, John Philip Morgan.

This software was launched by this team in 2021 January. Since they got 20,000+ paying customers.

Dave Rognmoser Found high success when he’s launched Jasper as a comparison to former company UseProof.

They are rapidly growing fastest among all other GPT-3 powered copywriting tools available in the market because it generate content that looks similar to human writing. But in my perspective, it still needs a little human editing to make content perfect. I tried to play with Jasper sometimes I feel no human edit is needed surprisingly, sometimes it still needs human edit.

Jasper not just discovered in day one UseProof team was working from the year 2017 it almost took them 4 years to build this robust product.

Company Aquisitions by Jasper AI

Since it was launched by the UseProof team in January 2021, they have been working hard to improve Jasper copywriting software with quality AI-powered content generation through acquiring new companies and injecting their technology into Jasper to make this platform robust.

So, they acquired HeadLime and Shortly Ai company a few months back.

1. HeadLime

Headlime company is another GPT-3 powered content writing software that’s output is somehow better than other AI copywriting tools. UseProof team acquired this company on March 29, 2021. The main goal of the acquisition is to improve Jasper.ai’s content output to fuel our copywriting quality.

2. Shortly AI

Another one is acquired by Jasper is Shortly AI this software generates output similar to Headlime but it generates much better quality output.

You can learn more about the acquisition here.

The team behind Jasper is trying to make this software best as possible they can make to improve the output quality of content generated by this software.

Who is for Jasper?

Sadly, Jasper is not for everyone. Here’s who is the best suit

1. Bloggers who want to produce more content in less time
2. Authors: Who want to break through writer’s block problem
3. Agencies: Who are getting lots of clients’ projects to be completed in minimal time.

Jasper AI Templates

It offers 50+ short-skill copywriting templates that help you to create content faster in every type. We will show you what it does and how it works so, you can understand it in a better way. So, you can learn how you can use this template to write your content.

jarvis.ai review: copywriting templates

Copywriting Templates offered by Jasper ai:

AIDA Framework — It helps you to write actional product descriptions based on the oldest marketing module Attention, Interest, and Desire.

PAS Framework — Problem Agitate Solution

Email Subject Lines — This template helps you to come up with compelling email subject lines that get readers to open your message.

Content improver template — Take a piece of content run through this template it will rewrite your content that is creative, engaging, and interesting.

Sentence Expander — This template helps you to break through writer’s block problem write 10 to 15 words it will expand those words into the paragraph.

Explain It To A Child — Rephrase your existing paragraph lower level grade and make it simply easier to understand.

Blog post topic ideas — Come up with Blog post topic ideas in seconds.

YouTube topic ideas — Come up with new video topics without wasting time on doing brainstorm yourself. That will engage your viewers and rank well on YouTube.

YouTube video title — With this template, you can create engaging, click-worthy titles for your videos.

YouTube video description — write optimized youtube description that well rank on search.

Blog post-intro paragraph — this template helps you to write an opening paragraph for your blog posts, articles, scripts, and books.

Google Ads headline — It helps you to write high-converting copy for the “Headlines” section of your Google Ads. That captures the eyes of the viewers of your ad.

Quora answers — Write intelligent answers to your questions asked on the Quora platform.

Engaging questions — Come up with engaging questions to increase engagement when you’re asking in the community or Facebook group.

Short Social Posts — Generate short descriptive social posts in second for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Product Description template — Write high-converting copy for your products and services in seconds.

Featured to benefits — Convert paragraph into benefits bullet points.

Persuasive bullet points — Generate persuasive bullet points for your products and services put them in product landing pages, sales funnels, and promotional email campaigns to improve conversions. Make sure your product is solving real problems then it won’t convert into paying customers. (:

Personal & company bio — Write your bio with a captive story that captures the attention of your target audiences.

Creative story template Rewrite a piece of a paragraph into a creative story.

Photo Post Captions Come up with a catchy photo caption for your next Instagram in a second.

Supported Languages

jarvis.ai supported languages

Jasper copywriting software has over 25+ languages so that your global reach is unmatched in marketing or sales efforts.

This software can read, write, translate into more than twenty-five different languages for you—including English, Spanish (Spain) French(France), Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, English, Spanish, Estonian, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Latvian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian. Swedish, and Chinese.

In my opinion, this is big pros when using this tool. Because anyone around the world can get access and use this software easily.

What You Can Do With Jasper AI, Content Examples and Tutorial

AIDA Framework

This Framework helps you to write actional descriptions for your products and services to convert more customers. You can insert content generated by this template into ads copies, landing pages, sales funnels, and promotional email campaigns.

The AIDA model is a marketing strategy used by companies to attract customers. The acronym stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action; it works in three stages: First, you need to capture the attention of your target audience through an advertisement or other form of media.

Then you have built their interest with more information about what they are trying to sell them on using informative content that helps them understand why this product will solve their problem better than any others currently available on the market today when considering price point as well as quality before finally nudging potential buyers into taking action according to whatever call-to-action was laid out at the beginning of time

This model is just one way marketers may look at getting people interested in products, but there’s also the ARPEGE model that focuses on developing relationships with customers.

PAS Framework

Blog Post Outline

It helps you to come up with great outlines for the blog post. you just need to enter the blog post title. For instance, I wrote “How to start a blog” let’s check what Jasper help us to write the outline.

Blog Post Intro

This template helps you to write an opening paragraph for your blog post. you just need to enter the title you’re going to write about. It will write an introductory paragraph based on your title.

Content improver

Do Some Check Facts

Artificial intelligence may generate sometimes wrong information so, you must do check facts to make sure it’s written with accurate information.

I can give some types of information Jasper maybe sometimes generate wrongly. Events, Names of anything especially a person’s name.

Jasper Boss Mode, And How it Works?

Jasper Boss Mode is an extended version of the pro unlimited plan. it costs $119 per month. Includes all features in Pro Plan and additional powerful features is voice command help you to write content faster with your voice you don’t have to lift finger on the keyboard.

In the Pro plan, you have to give Jasper hint with around 3 to 5 sentences in the order it predicts the whole paragraph. But when you’re on Boss Mode you will feel more comfortable it takes less command and generates better outputs. You just need to hit compose button continuously it will write automatically just like magic.

Easy to Use for Beginners

jarvis.ai review: dashboard

The world of copywriting is a vast one with many different software options. But, not all are the same and some require advanced skills to use correctly. Jasper AI may be simple for beginners but it still offers more than enough features that will help you take your content writing skills to the top-notch.

It has a great user interface that is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye with its elegant design and colors. I’m in love with its design user experience how it’s easy to navigate without lagging.

They Offers 5 Day Free Trial

Jasper free trial

Jasper copywriting software offers 5 days free trial period for their services to help you determine the effectiveness and how they can be helpful in your content writing work before making any purchase decision.

You’ll be able to try out Jasper for free during your trial period, and after 5 days of use, you have the option to continue using their software or cancel it and not get charged if that’s what you choose.

Take your free trial to try it out with the full selection of Jasper tools for free.

If you made a decision to try this software congrats! I have a few invitations left to get 10,000 free word generation credits. To get these credits just use our referral link to signup. These bonus credits will never expire you can use this credit for purchasing words generation limits without paying out from your pocket.

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

They offer a 7-day money-back guarantee with all of their plans.

You can try out the service to see the effectiveness of their features for yourself how it helps you write content faster in almost any language and ask for a refund if you’re not completely satisfied with what you expected to be.

Don’t be afraid to try out the service they offer, because you don’t have anything to worry about. If there is something that’s not right for your needs then they won’t ask any questions.

Jasper AI Customer Support

Jasper copywriting software is the product of UseProof company, a digital superhero when it comes to customer support. So, you can expect better service with this Jarvis.ai product as well.

I was having trouble with the payment option when I first tried out this software, but the Jasper team helped me to get over the bill quickly and easily. The customer service has been so helpful. When they found out that it’s my first time using their software, they offered a hassle-free trial period for all of us newbies.

Customer service feels fast and efficient, with response times if you live in U.S. Support for customers outside the U.S can be excellent too. There are many people from other countries who have experienced this first-hand – the support team may take 5 to 8 hours. responds if you’re outside of the USA. It varies from time zone.

Integration – Jasper and Surfer

This software not only provides copywriting assistance but also integrates seamlessly with Surfer SEO for content optimization in order to help businesses optimize their content for SEO at the same time they are writing with Jasper.

SurferSEO is the best content optimization tool it uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the top 10 ranking pages on Google SERPs and give solid SEO recommendations on what should be in your content, how should you structure the whole content in order to rank higher on Google.

Combining both tools Jasper AI and SurferSEO I made my productivity level super powerful. With the help of this two software, we won’t have to work hard anymore.

Jasper Pricing & Plans

jasper pricing plans

Jasper offers two different pricing plans for businesses. The starter plan costs $29 per month and the most expensive plan, Boss mode costs $59 per month. The main difference between the plans is the number of words and features allocated per month.

Here’s what Jasper pricing plans look like and what perks you’ll get?.

FeaturesJasper StarterBoss Mode
User seatsUnlimitedUnlimited
Word generated20,000 per month50,000 per month
No. of copywriting templates50+50+
Supported languages2626
Live chat supportIncludedincluded
Long-form writing assistantNoYes
Document editorNoYes
Jasper voice commandNoYes

Cheapest Plan – Restrictions

  • No access to long form writing assistance.
  • 20,000 word generation limits per month.
  • No long form content document editor.
  • No Jasper voice command features

Account Cancellation: Can i cancel my subscription?

jarvis.ai refund

You have the freedom to cancel the Jasper AI subscription plan at any time without being charged. If you don’t want it for some reason, just say so and your credit card will not be billed at all.

Quick Facts

  • Money-Back: 7-day money-back guarantee.
  • Free Trial: They offer 5 free trial to all plans without any feature restrictions.
  • Ease of Sign-up: Easy and guided sign-up process.
  • Payment Methods: Major credit cards and debit cards.
  • Account Activation: Instant activation as you create account on thier website.
  • Dashboard Experience: Easy-to-use, simple, attractive user interefence design.
  • Upsells: There is no upsells during sign up process.
  • Renewable rate: Same as you purchase the plan.

Do We Recommend Jasper AI?

Yes, we do.

Jasper AI is a slightly better AI copywriting tool in comparison to other software available in the market. Its output content is somehow similar to human has written make sense and provides better writing assistance with its GTP-3 powered technology.

Also, they offer 40+ short-form copywriting templates, a great money-back guarantee, and plenty of productive content writing features which help us to ready our copy faster. The pricing starts at $29 per month for a 20,000-word generation.

The starter plan is suitable for those who are writing short-form content, for example, eCommerce product descriptions, YouTube video descriptions, Facebook ads headlines & descriptions, Google ads copy, Real estate listings, About page, SEO title & meta description, and 30 more things you can check here.

Still, Jasper is not perfect, though you still need to do some human touch to make your content perfect with accurate information especially when you’re going to write long-form content. I experienced that this AI software do silly mistakes sometimes, for example, events, name of persons, data & statics, etc. So, I recommend you do some fact checks and make it correct where needed.

But overall, Jasper helps you to save 60% of content writing work this enables you to write 2,000 words blog posts in 20-25 minutes.

Who don’t I recommend using this software?. if you don’t want to do some human edit content generated by this software then I really don’t influence you to use this software.

Ready to get started with Jasper?

Take the free trial

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