Jasper AI Affiliate Program: How I’m Making $2k Per Month Recurring?

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make passive income, but it can be hard to find an affiliate program that pays well and is legit.

Jasper AI is one of the best high-paying affiliate programs out there and they have been around for 7 months already. They are not going anywhere anytime soon.

If you want to start making passive income online through affiliate marketing, then this opportunity might be perfect for you. Sign up as a Jasper affiliate program today and get started with your first campaign.

It’s an AI copywriting software that’s a naturally SaaS company.

The team behind Jasper AI is passionate about its partner program. They pay 30% recurring revenue for life, which means you’ll get paid as long as your referral makes the payment for their subscription.

My Jasper AI Partner Program Journey

I joined the Jasper ai affiliate partner program when it’s launched in February 2021. The team behind this company is awesome; they will teach you the right way to promote Jasper and get most of the commissions possible.

When they launched their product, I was too interested in their Jasper.ai copywriting software because I used this AI copywriting tool. The content generated by this software makes sense, and it is much better than any other AI-powered writing assistant available on the market.

I believe in their product and started promoting aggressively on my blog by writing different articles like reviews, Free trial, Pricing, etc. I aimed to acquire the many customers as possible.

After 6 months of hard work, I’m now able to make at least $2k per month passively income.

jasper affiliate partner program

Similarly, you can promote this product using your blog or YouTube. I highly recommend you promote this product through YouTube videos because the competition is very high in blogging. If you write review blog posts about Jasper AI, it’s a lower chance it will secure under 5th position on Google SERPs.

Special note from me: The best way to sell this product is to try it yourself. That’ll help you explain the benefits of using this product much better, resulting in more sales through your affiliate link. You can take a free trial with 10,000 free bonus credits

Little Background About Jasper

Jasper is built by the parent company UseProof. And it’s officially launched on 25 January 2021.

Founded by a small team that lives in Austin Texas, Dave Rognmoser CEO, Johnn Philip Morgan, Austin Distel, Amanda Weston,

When they launched its former name Conversion.ai it was not easy to spell, remember, and write it quickly so, they changed its name Conversion.ai to Jasper.ai on 29th June 2021.

it’s easy to remember to write it quickly possibility is we can relate Jasper AI to the Iron man movie to remind it without forgetting its name.

Why It Is Easier To Promote Jasper AI as an affiliate

affiliate program

Jasper AI is one of the hottest AI copywriting software in the market there is no other AI that helps people to write quality content fast.

It becomes the benchmark in 2021 because of its quality content output no other AI copywriting software produces.

It is perfect for bloggers, authors, marketers, and agencies who want to save time in content creation.

Jasper is an amazing AI-powered copywriting tool help people write anything fast such as website content, blog posts, social posts, product descriptions, scripts, stories, and even books. This software cut down 70% of the time to write great-quality content without any struggle or stress.

I have been using this software for years and it has helped me to write content faster. The main advantage of Jasper is that when I get writer’s block, it leads me to start writing again pretty quickly instead of sitting idle with my thoughts in limbo. This helps me write high-quality articles a lot more often than if I were not using any help at all.

Jasper AI can be used to write any type of content. Such as email newsletters, social media posts, landing page copy for improving conversions, sales letters, and a lot more. It’s endless possible ways you can use this tool to write better content.

It’s not just about the tool. The only thing that makes them better than other AI copywriting SaaS providers, as far as customers can tell, has been their customer care services so far.

This is because they are always available and don’t make a fuss if you’re too busy to talk at any given time of day.

I’ve used this tool for 1 year since its launch and I think that it’s excellent.

What problems and their solution?

When competition arises in the whole SEO and content creation industries everyone is publishing content on their website or social media platforms it becomes harder for marketers to stand out from the crowds. It demands creating more high-quality content in less time, but this is only possible when we get help from tools where Jasper copywriting software comes into mind.

This software is a lifesaver for people who are struggling to create high-quality content in minimal time.

Its AI-powered writing assistance helps you write faster blog posts, website content, social posts,

“Every industry needs great content,” says the company. “But what if there was a way to write 10x as fast and produce more content?” With its AI-powered writing assistance, you can now crank out blog posts, social posts, and website content in minutes. This helps ensure that your business stays ahead of the competition by pumping out more marketing materials than ever before.

What is some pain point problem this software solves?

  • Helping writers to break through writer’s block problems write anything fast and save more time.
  • It helps people to write anything fast such as blog posts, website content, social posts, product descriptions, stories, and books. In just a matter of hours.
  • It improves productivity by up to 400%
  • Encourages professionals and beginners to start writing

So, promoting Jasper copywriting software should be way easier for you. You’ll also make a lot more money with this easy-to-use and highly-productive tool at your disposal. Try it out risk-free for 7 days by signing up today.

Who’re Target Audiences?

jasper ai affiliate program

As an affiliate marketer, you should always do your research first. For example, when promoting products for a business ask yourself: Who will benefit from this product and how can I educate them on the benefits?

But luckily you don’t have to do extensive research I have already done the heavy lifting for you.

I listed them based on the writing involve in their work.

Have look below who’s target audience of Jasper:

  • Bloggers
  • SEO expert
  • Paid Advertisers
  • Agencies
  • Freelancers
  • Marketers
  • Authors
  • Content writers
  • Founders and CEOs

The above list gives you some idea of who’s this software for and what they will get the benefit.

How Many Commissions You’ll Get Paid?

Jasper offers 3 different plans for businesses. Starter($29/month), Pro Plan($109), and Boss Mode($119/month).

All different plans come with a 7-day money-back guarantee so, your referral has this period to refund their investment if they don’t like Jasper services for any reason.

They pay 30% recurring commissions per customer every month as long as your referral makes payments for their subscription. The recurring commissions are a great incentive to help you make some extra cash, and it’s easy because all the customer has to do is pay for their subscription each month.

There’s no cap on how much you can make as a Jasper affiliate partner program.

Here’s how much you can make?. it’s just an estimation you’ll make even more commissions per customer you refer to Jasper

You can get paid a 30% recurring commission for life, and the average revenue per user is $79/month. The Jasper team analyzed 10,000 customers to find out the details of this revenue.

Here’s what your commission will look like:

1 referral = $24 per month
5 referrals = $120 per month
10 referrals = $240 per month
25 referrals = $576 per month
100 referrals = $2,400 per month
250 referrals = $6,000 per month
1,000 referrals = $24,000 per month

Commission structure according to Jasper’s plans:

  • $29 per month(Starter Plan) = $8.70 per customer
  • $109 per month(Pro Plan) = $32.70 per customer
  • $119 per month(Boss Mode) = $35.70 per customer

All above commissions are calculated based on 30% recurring commissions.

The above figures are estimations, and you’ll earn even more when users purchase some additional features for access. You’ll also be able to make extra affiliate commissions on those sales.

Calculated based on a number of customers who purchased pro plan $109/month:

Pro Plan per sale = $32.70

Month- January

1 referral = $32.70 per month

Month – February

10 referrals = 10*32.70 = $327 per month

Month – December

100 referrals = 100*32.70 = $3,270 per month

Knowing the importance of recurring affiliate programs, it’s no surprise that they’re worth your time. Every month you’ll get new customers and in turn a continuous stream of revenue.

How To Join Jasper AI Affiliate Program

Joining the Jasper AI affiliate program is much easier you just need t fill out simply application form with your valid details such as name, email address, and the reason why you want to promote Jasper.ai.

Once you submit the form wait 48 to 72 hours for an approval email.

Here’s the step-by-step instruction on how you can apply for the Jasper AI affiliate program:

  1. Simply go to the Jasper affiliate partner program sign up page and fill in the required details as I mentioned above.
  2. Click on apply to partner you’ll be redirected to the application form for applying to be approved Jasper AI affiliate program.
ai affiliate program

Fill in the required details with your personal information. And then hit submit, and once approved you’ll be notified through email keep an eye on your mailbox. It usually takes 48-72 hours.

Once you approve they will give access to the Jasper affiliate dashboard. Where your affiliate links and marketing materials are ready to use for promoting this software.

They managed their affiliate program using FirstPromoter I discovered the first promoter back in 2021 when applying for the Jasper partner program.

The FirstPromoter is the best software for running affiliate campaigns because they don’t track bot clicks or fraud purchases that protect companies from losing money.

The FirstPromoter is the best software for running affiliate campaigns because they don’t track bot clicks, and detects fraud purchases that protect companies from losing money. These are some of their features:

  • Protection against fraudulent orders and automatic removal with no refunds to keep the company safe.
  • The ability to create a campaign using any process you want like an A/B test or just by copying one of their templates so all you have to do is input your unique data into whichever template fits what type of business needs you’re trying to fill.

FirstPromoter as an affiliate software for Jasper AI has been a great combination. You get to see real-time reporting and stats on your dashboard the moment someone signs up, clicks, revenue, and refunds, for one of their plans, which is helpful because you can instantly recognize what’s working well or needs improvement.

Once you are notified that your account has available funds, withdraw them as soon as possible to avoid additional waiting. Your earnings can be withdrawn onto a PayPal account which is an easy way for you to manage the money yourself and not have it sit in FirstPromoter’s system indefinitely.

Another good thing to keep in mind when promoting an affiliated product is FTC guidelines and policies. The Federal Trade Commission requires every citizen of the U.S., age eighteen or older, who is receiving income as compensation when promoting affiliate products must disclose it publicly.

Give your blog visitors, social media followers, and YouTube viewers heads-up notifications you’re compensating for the commissions you’re promoting. FTC will be happy to see.

You don’t need to be a marketing genius or have extensive knowledge in tech and entrepreneurship to promote this software you just need the willingness to put your hard work into creating high-quality content with a mixture of informational and persuasive. Promoting it to the right traffic sources will lead you towards success.

All it comes down to is that single step of putting yourself out there for what feels like an endless amount of time before anyone notices.

30-Day Waiting Window

jasper ai affiliate

When you started making affiliate sales continuously cross the payout rate of more than $25 then you’ll have to wait 30 days for refunds/disputes after that you’ll get paid in the first week of the next month.

Let’s say we earned $564.36 in the month of April then after that, we have to wait 30 days for refunds/disputes(the whole of May month).

Then, we will get paid in the first week of June.

I personally know him sometimes it will take 3 days or 7 days to get paid when your affiliate payment is ready.

What makes a successful affiliate partner?

Here are some of the best practices that help you to become success Jasper affiliate partner. Along with you also get success when promoting this software.

  1. Be persistent and determined.
  2. Test the product yourself before writing reviews.
  3. Create your own original content
  4. Create a blog to help you get more traffic
  5. Find products that are in demand and can be sold easily
  6. Make sure your website is optimized for SEO
  7. Offer free content on your site, like how-to videos or blogs posts about topics related to the product you’re selling
  8. Get creative with advertising – use social media, email marketing, banner ads, etc., to reach new customers

Be Authentic

When promoting affiliate products, be honest. You must test the product to see if it works for you and what problem it solves before recommending them to others.

A lot of people think that being authentic means losing affiliates sales, but there is a difference between an entrepreneur who shares their success stories with advice on how they did so successfully versus someone who shamelessly promotes everything without understanding anything about what they are selling or why potential customers would want these items in the first place.

To promote any type of affiliate marketing (from books to makeup) authentically requires doing as much research into both sides of the seller’s site/product and its target audience and connecting those dots behind the scenes.

You can also test the product yourself by taking Jasper.ai’s 7 days free trial. It helps you to understand the product in a better way.

By using my referral link below you can 10k free credits. This credit will never expire you can use these credits to purchase a Jasper subscription if you exceed your plan’s

Take Jasper’s free trial with 10k words generation credits [Link activated]

Create Content

After testing and trying yourself. It’s time to create content with your personal experience and share your opinion on what you like, how it helps you to level up, what it does and what needs to improve.

Create multiple contents in different platforms with various keyword intents.

For instance, I’m a blogger I will create content on Jasper AI Review, or Jasper Pricing, tutorials on how to use Jarvis.ai to write 10x faster?. Or do the same thing if your publishing on YouTube creates content based on different keywords intent.

This will help you to generate valid traffic who are truly interested in the product. This leads you to generate more affiliate sales.

Generate Traffic

There are lots of channels available to generate traffic to your affiliate content you can use SEO, YouTube, Facebook.

Many options exist to help you generate traffic for your affiliate content. One of the most popular is SEO, which stands for search engine optimization and makes use of target keywords in order to rank higher on Google searches.

Another strategy can be YouTube marketing, where you upload video tutorials on how to use Jasper AI, and show them how this copywriting software helps you to save tons of time.

Facebook is also a great platform first you need to build audiences, provide some values to build trust & relationships, and help them with problems. And later you can promote your affiliate product as a solution to their problem.

They will be happy to purchase any affiliate products through your affiliate link.

The final verdict – Is it worth joining the Jasper partner program?

Jasper affiliate program is a great way to make a living income because they pay recurring commissions for long as your referral pays for their subscription.

The team behind this company is passionate and caring about their affiliate partner relationship. When you having trouble with anything related to your affiliate account they will surely help you.

They also run monthly incentives if you bring them lots of sales in a month in comparison to other affiliate partners you’ll be upgraded to 40-50% recurring commissions for the life of the referral you bring them.

Final thought it’s worth joining the program because they pay recurring commissions and great customer support.

Ready to get started with Jasper?

FAQs About Jasper Partner Program

When do I’ll get paid?

Payments are made after 30 days of customer purchase and you have to wait for refunds/disputes. The minimum affiliate payout rate is $25.

Which payment method they accept for payout?

PayPal is the only payment method available so, you’ll get paid into your account once reach your earning threshold each month.

How to become a Jasper affiliate?

Now, if you are looking to become the next Jasper affiliate and have been thinking about it for a while now then there is no time like today. Follow these steps:

  1. Get a unique link. By applying for the Jasper AI affiliate here.
  2. Share your affiliate links to your friends, followers and get them to get 10,000 words credit.
  3. Earn commission.
  4. Get paid monthly income in your Paypal account.

Ready to learn more about Jasper? Here’s a more helpful article.

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