5 Best AI Affiliate Programs Of 2021

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money online, but it can be hard work. You need to promote the right products for your audience at the right time in order to make sales.

Most affiliate marketers are wasting their time and effort by promoting random products that don’t convert well or aren’t relevant enough to sell on their blogs.

We have compiled a list of AI software affiliate programs so, you can join and start promoting them on your blog. Each one of these companies offers up to 30% commissions per sale.

Let’s look at which affiliate program is perfect for you and usable for your audiences.

1. Jarvis.ai

jarvis ai affiliate program

Commission: 30% recurring as long as your referral paying for their subscription.

Cookie life: 90 days.

Payout: Monthly payout net-30.

Conversion rate: 30-45% referrals become a customer. Gives me best conversion rate out of all affiliate program.

Jarvis.ai is an AI-powered copywriting software helping people to create content faster for blog posts, social posts, email newsletters, and you can do lots of other stuff too.

There’s are lots of AI copywriting tools available in the market but Jarvis is one of the best from out there. The content generates by this software looks like a human has written and makes sense of what it convinces to readers.

Jarvis AI-powered copywriting software taking the marketing industry by storm.

When I heard Artificial Intelligence (AI) could write my team’s copy, I thought to myself “this won’t work” and assumed it wasn’t a big deal.

However, after thinking about how far technology has come over the years; advancements like facial recognition or Siri on your phone prove that this isn’t something out of fiction anymore. Now knowing what advancements are happening due to technological breakthroughs forces me to realize these things have always been closer than they seemed.

Copywriting templates offered by Jarvis:

Jarvis.ai has 40+ copywriting templates that help people to write any type of content fast such as blog posts, email newsletters, high converting ad copy, landing page & sales funnel copy, sales letters, product descriptions, scripts, stories, and even books. Have a look at all templates below:

jarvis.ai templates

Ready to get started with Jarvis?

2. Copy.ai

copy ai affiliate program

Commission: 45% for the first year only

Cookie life: Not defined on their site

Copy.ai is similar to Jarvis, it’s also the best AI-powered copywriting software that helps you create content quickly. It helps content writers to create content faster with a wide range of copywriting templates.

You can use this software to write blog posts, newsletters, ad copy, landing pages & sales funnel copy, product descriptions and you can do lots of other stuff too.

join the program

3. A/Btesting.ai

abtesting ai affiliate program

Commission: 50% recurring lifetime

Cookie life: Not defined

abtesting.ai is an AI-powered software that allows marketers to conduct A/B tests with ease, speed, and efficiency. With only a landing page URL as an input, it analyzes the content of your website for you so you can make more informed decisions about marketing campaigns based on data instead of guesswork.

4. Unbounce

unbounce ai affiliate program

Commission: 20% recurring

Cookie life: 90 days

Unbounce is a popular landing page builder tool helping marketers to build and publish landing pages without all the complicated code.

They have been around since 2007 in the marketing industry. The company Unbounce was founded in Vancouver, Canada, and had a breakthrough moment when they were able to come up with an innovative solution for one of their biggest problems: bounce rates on landing pages.

Since then, Unbounce has become very popular among marketers all over North America that use them as tools to create high-converting landing pages for their marketing campaign even without any coding background or IT skills at hand.

Unbounce lets users easily create, test, optimize & publish highly-optimized landing pages for web traffic sources like AdWords or Facebook Ads. From A/B testing your headline copy to tracking conversion goals in real-time Unbounce makes it easy and simple so you can get back to running an awesome business.

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5. Warmbox.ai

warmbox ai affiliate program

Commission: 30% recurring

Cookie life: 30 days

Warmbox.ai is an AI-powered email deliverability improvement tool that helps marketers avoid their emails ending up in customers’ spam folders.

This email software easily integrates with popular email marketing service providers such as Gmail – GSuite OAuth, Outlook 365, Yahoo Mail, Amazon SES, SMTP, etc. There will be higher chance people will use this tool to protect their email not get caught in spam/junk folders. 

The final verdict

As you can see, there are a lot of affiliate programs to choose from and plenty of options for any type of niche. But the conversion rates(%) matter most when selecting which products to promote.

We’ve found that the best affiliates have high-quality products with a commission structure based on performance or volume. They also offer affiliate support services, provide personal attention, and ensure their affiliate partners get what they paying their hard-working time and efforts.

Jarvis.ai is the best affiliate program that is naturally SaaS company and if you want to make a lot of money promoting products then this might be your best option. It converts really well so it could potentially lead to big commissions on sales. If you are interested in learning more about how Jarvis.ai’s affiliate programs work and their commission structure, visit their website today by clicking here.

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